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"We are passionate about actively supporting and mentoring CORPORATE TEAMS, founders and budding entrepreneurs through ongoing innovation journey."

- Adam RYAN



We can help in the initial commercial concepts of RD structuring and can provide resources who are experts from a legal, accounting and Research & Development funding.



We can provide key resources ranging from Board Advisory, Director and Chairman roles as well as other governance functions supporting innovation.

We have an extensive library of strategy frameworks & analysis tools which can be applied to a business in order to stress test where it should be focussing its scarce resources for innovation.

We can help from the business planning stage, modelling and appropriate documentation and leverage potential RD credits in advance of claims being submitted.


This ensures the ability for further investment into the business, which might, in turn, have further RD entitlements.

We can help in forming the appropriate structures from operational, board, legal, tax and RD to ensure that maximum value is achieved over the long term.


Trying to unwind inappropriate structures are extremely problematic. It is better to get it right from the start allowing ongoing innovation.

We are independent from capital sources and can assess the investment readiness of an organisation prior to seeking right capital with the right terms for Founders.


This ensures a targeted, fast and greater chance of obtaining the right capital, at the right valuation.

We can assist in fulfilling integral roles for an agreed period, with agreed outcomes whilst a process is undertaken to attract the right people into various roles. 

We understand the importance of innovation and are experts in rapid prototyping programs for MVPs & Go To Market Testing.





Members of the Watkins Bay team have been involved in the innovation and customer engagement process at companies such as seek, Fuji Xerox, Canon, City of Casey and Bassike. 

Members of the Watkins Bay team have worked with Monash University in the field of technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Members of the Watkins Bay team has been involved with startups and global businesses in Asia, Middle East, Australia and California for over two decades and is passionate about sharing this knowledge in the pursuit of innovation.

Watkins Bay has explored the various proven methods from Google Ventures and their well-proven Design Sprint process which helped launched many successful products. 


R&D Assistance, Guidance & FUNDING

The Watkins Bay Team have a clear understanding of the commercial aspects of Research & Development.


Watkins Bay has a network of experts from accounting, legal and RD leaders to draw on, in order to ensure the Incubator companies that we work closely with, maximise any programs which they may be entitled to.


Board, Advisory & Structuring

The Watkins Bay Team understands the need to find the balance between good board governance and not allowing it to consume the operation of a start-up. We can assist in providing vital strategic board capabilities, which are light, practical and allows for greater rigour as the company grows as well as other crucial roles such as Chairman and different director roles.

In the early stages, the Board & Advisory functions concentrate on strategic and operational decisions and the implementation of light but regular Board related rhythms. As the company grows, it allows for these to expand, when appropriate.

Structuring starts with the commercial goals and imperatives in mind, which are then supported by legal and accounting expertise, which Watkins Bay can coordinate when required.

However, ensuring the right structure is in place from the outset, along with a clear brief and plan can save enormous time and cost in the event structures need to be unwound.


Strategy & Investment

The Watkins Bay Team has a clear understanding and proven frameworks to ensure that the vision of founders and entrepreneurs are crystallised in a manner that a broader team can execute.

Having the Strategic foundations in place, supported by a committed and skilled team, all of which understand and relay, Watkins Bay can assist in seeking the right investment.

Watkins Bay has reach into various Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms locally and internationally, multiple Corporate Advisors and other debt funding avenues delivering the most comprehensive choice for Founders. The key objective is to ensure the right investment fit for both the Founder(s) and the startup.




Interim Resources & Recruitment

Watkins Bay and its relevant connections have played various roles over a broad spectrum of businesses across multiple industries and stages of company life-cycles.
In some instances, it might be just the need for a highly-skilled resource with a very targeted mandate for a finite period that can assist the business until it can find the right candidates or teams.
Help is there when needed and easily transitioned when they have played their part they have needed to fulfill.


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