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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Several years ago, I had the pleasure to be invited to speak to the Cohort of Time mentors and mentees. Time is a travel industry group which is supported by an extraordinary group of people giving of their time to younger people in their industry. Often their competitors.

In hindsight, I think the attendees got a raw deal. I walked away with much more than I think they walked away with from my talk. The people were passionate about their industry, passionate about their customers, loved helping others, friendly, gracious and professional. They were giving and willing to invest in others. Truly inspirational.

This year one the industries most heavily hit due to COVID-19 was the travel industry. From airlines to hotels, car rental companies to ride-sharing business, tour operators to travel agents, cruise liners and the myriad of other companies that thrive off travel and tourism. I apologise if I have missed anyone.

Recently I saw that even in these times where there is very little clarity, certainly in the short term as to what will happen post-COVID-19 for the travel industry, that TIME was re-igniting their program.

Can you believe it?

In a time where most of the industry is now either unemployed or facing unemployment to be thinking about investing into the future, which is a generational investment and not thinking of short term problems is quite extraordinary.

Even more inspirational!

To all those involved in TIME and what it stands for, I tip my hat. For what that is worth, I encourage us all to draw inspiration in these small but huge acts of kindness. It is these small groups that Margaret Meade was talking about those who change the world and when we get going again and we will make sure we support those in the travel industry that build their career on delivering to all of us wonderful life experiences.

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